Monday, December 6, 2010

a second listen: Ken P.D. Snydecast' 63: Go Green

Tis the season to be waiting. Maybe you are waiting for Santa; maybe you are waiting for test results on that patch of orange skin on your back; maybe you are waiting for the Ryan Reynolds flick 'Waiting' to show up in your Netfix cue...

But we are all waiting for the new episode of Ken P.D. Snydecast.

After spending the weekend listening to Dana's other podcast appearances it is now time to dig up a classic episode of the Ken P.D. Snydecast.

Back in the fall of 2008 Episode 63 was released with the title 'Go Green'… a title that had almost nothing to do with the content within.

The show starts off with a wise Dana Snyder giving acting advice until he unexpectedly starts to channel Michael Caine.
Later in the show Dana does a spot on impression of actress Alicia Silverstone... or is it really her?
Before the show wraps up (with dueling John Rhys-Davies impressions) Dana defines what is a "lady movie" is in this witty back and forth:

Dana: I love all movies except lady movies.
Ken: Now, what's your definition of lady movies?
Dana: You know, Thelma and Louise, A Room With A View, The English Patient uh… whatever that f***ing thing… The Women-The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. Need I go on?
Ken: Yeah!
Dana: A movie that only appeals to ladies.
Ken: I want to see how many you can name, now.
Dana: What?
Ken: I want to see how many you can name, now.
Dana: That's all I'm gonna name because I can't think of any more.
Ken: What about, uh, When Harry Met Sally?
Dana: Uh… almost a lady movie. 'cept it has Billy Crystal in it who I assume is appealing to no woman… so…
Ken: …and Bruno Kirby.
Dana: Right.
Ken: and Carrie Fisher.
Dana: Yeah. Okay. Enough with the cast list!
Ken: I'm just sayin'.
Dana: Which… alright let's do this for a little bit. Lady movie, or not lady movie?
Ken: (laughs) Sleepless in Seattle
Dana: Definite lady movie. Although I have seen it.
Ken: Okay… Princess Bride.
Dana: Not a lady movie. On first sight you might think it's a lady movie but it's actually not. Because once again, Billy Crystal is in it.

Episode 63 is one of those brilliant episodes that should be enjoyed again and again… give it a second listen!


Ian said...

Yes this was a good one. The Tom Carvell one was tops but really there is often something great in every Snydecast.

Guy Hutchinson said...

Yes, the Tom Carvel episode is one of the all time best. The two episodes that got into absurd detail about Chicken McNuggets were also among my favorites.

John J. said...

Tom Carvel is the bar. Dana even made it a point to bring it up at the Dragon*Con panel after I brought up the Men's Wearhouse dude.

Guy Hutchinson said...

That Men's Wearhouse dude gives me the creeps. Seems like he just wants us to come into the changing room for all the wrong reasons.

BTW, if you want a Fudgie the Whale cake every week you can bid on the special Carvel for life Black Card that Patton Oswalt is selling for charity on eBay.
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