Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Wild Bill Kelso

On the newest Ken PD Snydecast Ken mentions that his nephew is dressing as Wild Bill Kelso on Halloween.

Capt. Wild Bill Kelso was a character in the Steven Spielberg film 1941. He was portrayed by John Belushi.

Here are some clips:

Monday, October 27, 2014

What hybrid/mash-up of a Disney character and Marvel/DC character would you like to see?

From the Snydecast Mailbag:

Hey Ken and Dana!

Earlier this year I asked you guys "What hybrid/mash-up of a Disney character and Marvel/DC character would you like to see?" Well, as it is want to do, life got in the way, I got busy with other things, and Ken's remain unfinished. I did get Dana's done before I got busy so you can find that attached. That said, I do apologize Ken and would like you to know I will get to it. I am double majoring in Printmaking and Art Ed. so school tends to keep me quite busy so it might take a bit longer than I'd like. Anyway, I'll not keep you any further. Love the show, keep up the excellent entertainment, and I'll try to at least take a break from the school work every so often to write in. Have a great one fellas!

Brandon Sparks

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Monday, October 20, 2014

Le Cellier

On the newest Ken PD Snydecast Dana and Ken talk about Le Cellier at Epcot.

As Dana and Ken mentioned the restaurant is notoriously difficult to snag a table at. The restuarant is very popular and famous for it's steak and (as Dana and Ken mentioned, cheddar cheese soup.)

Le Cellier is also rather small by Disney restaurant standards. That also contributes to it's "difficult to book" status.

I don't have much more to add except a video of Canadian Goofy from the 1990s:

Friday, October 17, 2014

Top 10 Meals at Walt Disney World

Dana and Ken spoke about this list from:
Check it out:

Top 10 Meals at Walt Disney World
by: Brittany DiCologero

10. Honey Sesame Chicken at Nine Dragons
Nine Dragons, the Chinese restaurant located in Epcot’s World Showcase, is my favorite restaurant (anywhere) for honey sesame chicken. The chicken is served with white rice, and is the perfect lunch or dinner while spending a day in Epcot. This restaurant is fairly underrated (I assume many guests don’t want to eat food similar to their local Chinese restaurants) however the honey sesame chicken here is one of my favorite meals. As an added bonus, this restaurant does not usually get booked solid with reservations, so if you’re looking for a walk-in in Epcot, this is a great place to go. (The honey sesame chicken costs $16.99.)

9. Wild Mushroom Flatbread at Mama Melrose’s
This is a very affordable dinner option, located in Hollywood Studios at a cost of $12.99. The Wild Mushroom Flatbread is described on the restaurant’s menu as: “Roasted Cremini and Button Mushrooms with a Garlic-Shallot Spread and finished with Balsamic Reduction.” This is a great change from ordinary pizza, and makes for a greater value compared to other dinner entrees in the parks.

8. California Combination Roll at the California Grill
If you’re in Walt Disney World, and looking for a sampler of sushi, head over to the California Grill at the Contemporary Resort. At $24.00, this meal includes jumbo lump crab, avocado, cucumber, and shrimp tempura. Be sure to make reservations here during the fireworks!

7. “Bunny Chow and Falafel” at Jiko – The Cooking Place
Jiko, located at the Animal Kingdom Lodge, is home to one of my favorite vegetarian dishes at Walt Disney World. The “bunny chow and falafel” includes curried vegetables, naan bread, mango ketchup, Harissa mustard, and chickpea lentil cake, with cilantro yogurt and olive tapenade. With curry and falafel options being slim at the parks and resorts, it is no surprise that this menu item made the list. (This dinner entrée costs $28.00.)

6. Oak Grilled Maine Diver Scallops at the Flying Fish Café
The Flying Fish Café, located at the Boardwalk, is home to one of my favorite seafood dishes in Walt Disney World. The oak grilled scallops here are served with Ratatouille vegetables, olives, artichokes, and Romano and Mascarpone-laced risotto. In addition to this being one of my restaurants for seafood at Walt Disney World, the location here is great because it is right on the Boardwalk where there is plenty of shopping and entertainment for before or after your meal. (This dinner entrée costs $35.00.)

5. Cedar Plank-roasted King Salmon at Artist Point
Artist Point, at the Wilderness Lodge, has what in my opinion is the best salmon at Walt Disney World. If you’re looking for a nice meal in the Magic Kingdom area, the Wilderness Lodge is a good side trip from the parks and monorail resorts. This salmon is served with cauliflower, spinach, a lemon-butter sauce, Applewood-smoked bacon jam, and short rib strudel. (This dinner entrée costs $35.00.)

4. Le Cellier Mushroom Filet Mignon at Le Cellier Steakhouse
This meal is my top pick for a filet mignon dish at Walt Disney World. A point of contention among Disney fans, where some think that Le Cellier is the best restaurant they’ve ever been to, and others don’t quite understand the hype, I’ve run a sort of middle ground in my love for this entrée. At $43.00, this is an extremely expensive dish, but for a special occasion, or a once per trip dinner, I think it is definitely worth going to Le Cellier. The risotto served with the filet mignon is the best I’ve ever had, and while the steak is also delicious, this meal is not complete without an order Canadian Cheddar Cheese Soup, made with Moosehead beer and bacon.

3. Vanilla Laced French Toast at the Grand Floridian Café
This meal, at the Grand Floridian Café, is my top breakfast pick at Walt Disney World. This dish includes Brioche French toast, dipped in vanilla batter, and is served with your choice of either bacon or sausage. At $11.99, it’s extremely reasonably priced as far as Disney restaurants go, and is a good alternative if you’re looking to try something other than Kona Café’s Tonga Toast. As a side note, Tonga Toast (French toast stuffed with bananas and rolled in cinnamon sugar) is also delicious if you’re looking to cure a French toast fix in Walt Disney World.

2. Pan Asian Noodles with Shrimp at Kona Café
Kona Café, at the Polynesian Resort is home to my favorite noodle dish on Disney property. I love noodles, however I don’t love when the veggies in the dish are soggy or not as fresh as I would like them to be. The noodles at Kona Café don’t have any of these problems, and the flavor of the noodles, combined with the veggies and shrimp make this a perfect meal, with a reasonable price tag at $18.99 (For $17.99, you can order the same dish with tofu or chicken instead of shrimp.)

1. Grilled New York Strip Steak and Fried Fish at the Rose and Crown Dining Room
This meal, located in Epcot’s World Showcase at the U.K. pavilion, is my top pick for the best meal in Walt Disney World. This dinner entrée includes the New York strip steak and fried fish in addition to Yorkshire pudding, mashed potatoes, seasonal vegetables with a red wine sauce. This is a restaurant where every menu item is delicious, and I would have a tough time choosing between the steak and fish, so this entrée is perfect for my indecisiveness. That being said, this is the most expensive option on the menu at $30.99, and is a lot of food. Don’t plan on being able to finish this meal yourself, your best bet here is to share with someone in your party, or plan to take some of your meal to go.

GO TO: http://www.disneyquestions.com/top-10-meals-walt-disney-world/ for more great info!

New Episode! KEN P.D. SNYDECAST #219: Meal-y Mouthed

KEN P.D. SNYDECAST #219: Meal-y Mouthed - Ken & Dana return with sausage gravy and scallops in the community of tomorrow.

Listen now!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

How Can You Adjust the Time Lapse on iPhone 6?

On the newest Ken PD Snydecast Dana talks about liking the "time lapse" setting on his iPhone, but wondering if the length between photos can be adjusted so he can take time lapse video out his window without the camera taking a photo every five seconds.

According to this site it can't.

However, Dana mentions the video that Andy Sipes recorded looked like it was moving slower.

The reason is that Apple says it records at "dynamically selected intervals."

This means that the time lapse takes half as many pictures per second as the recording duration doubles.

So in a 10 minute recording it's a photo every 2 seconds, but in an 8 hour video it would record one every 32 seconds.

So there.

In conclusion here is a photo of Mike Tyson taking a photo:

Mike Tyson. Former IBF, WBF, WNBA, WGN and IRT heavyweight champion of the world. Currently he is best know for having a tattoo on his face. My grandmother loves his tattoo because she has the same pattern on her couch.

Tyson the shutterbug.

Could you imagine trying to explain how to turn on the "flash" to Mike Tyson? Or to The Flash.
You know, the superhero... THE FLASH.
You would say "make sure to turn on the flash" and he would say "Oh, I am." and then he would put his hand on your knee.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Dog With A Blog

On the newest Ken PD Snydecast Dana mentions a bit of trivia about Dog With a Blog.

Dog With a Blog is a very popular Disney Channel sitcom. Dana mentions the actor that plays the voice of the dog also stands in for the dog on set.

This was on some website: 
However, there is more to being on the show than just lending his voice. Stephen also does kneel ins, which is the equivalent being a stand in. He comes in for filming and kneels on the ground when they are setting up commands for the dog, who is added to the shot later. 

Here's a video that may bring some more info:

Or maybe not. I didn't watch it. I'm busy working on my new Disney Channel sitcom:

Friday, October 3, 2014

Robert Goulet!

On KEN P.D. SNYDECAST #218: Oglr, Dana and Ken look at the dating profile that has a photo of a listener with a celebrity Dana can't recognize. Ken jokes that it's the late Robert Goulet,

Robert Goulet was singer and actor best known for being the most handsome son of a bitch on the planet.

Goulet was born in America to French Canadian parents and spent much of his formative years in Canada.

His early career was highlighted by a star making performance as Sir Lancelot on Broadway, The Most memorable song of his performance as Sir Lancelot was "If Ever I would Leave You." It became his signature song.

 Goulet was a talented baritone who recorded over 60 albums. Here he is singing the unintentionally ridiculous song MacArthur Park, if you have never heard it, check this out:

Didn't your right ear enjoy that?

Goulet appeared on numerous sitcoms including a memorable spot with Lucille Ball:

Despite his dramatic start, Goulet did a lot of comedy, here are some clips of Robert Goulet hamming it up with Rowan and Martin:

Goulet also made a series of satirical commercials for ESPN:

Goulet died in 2007 while awaiting a lung transplant. He was 73. In tribute all of the casinos in Las Vegas featured a memoriam to him on their signs on the day of his funeral: