Thursday, June 30, 2011

Get Dana Snyder's autograph at Florida Supercon in Miami

If you are seeing Dana Snyder at the Florida Supercon this weekend (July 1-4, 2011) make sure and ask him for an autograph:

If you don't want a standard autographed 8x10, you could get him to sign an ice cold can of Miller Light:

The quickly down the can of beer and crush it against your head.

Or, if you don't like beer, you can get him to sign a box of Chicken in a Biskit:

Then quickly eat all the crackers and crush the box against your head.

How about bring a Carvel Cookie Puss with you and then having Dana sign it in icing!

The quickly eat the Cookie Puss and get a MAJOR ice cream headache... causing you feel like you smashed something against your head.

You could get Dana to sign a picture of THE OTHER DANA SNYDER from Shawshank Redemption:

Have Dana write something about how he played the 1954 Food Way Woman and was a woman with female parts. That'd be hot.

Or just have him sign your Slapsy Maxie Rosenbloom Co-Stars record:

If none of these work, maybe he can just draw an executive coaster for you:

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Things to do in Miami: Monkeys & Hashbrowns

Are you going to see Dana Snyder at the Florida Supercon this weekend (July 1-4, 2011)?

Miami is a wonderful place in the summer and is known for it's fine dining. Sure you need to eat some fish, but you may want to check out some of the breakfast buffets like Fresh Harvest at The Coconut Creek Casino*.

*I found Fresh Harvest by doing a Google search. I have no idea if they make good food. They may have even closed down.
Just make sure they serve you REAL HASH BROWNS.
To recap: REAL hash browns have been sliced with a cheese grater:

Home fries are cubed and in no way hash browns:

Potatoes O'Brien are also NOT hash browns:

Breakfast potatoes are NOT hash browns:

Potatoes with a USB output are NOT hash browns:

Potatoes shaped like a foot are NOT hash browns:

Potatoes that are fried and voiced by Carey Means are NOT hash browns:

Tell Miami that you want REAL hash browns.
If they try to serve you any of that other nonsense, punch 'em in the junk.

Also, when you are in Miami you may want to check out the wacky retro attraction Monkey Jungle.

I don't know if "Liberachi of the monkey world" still plays but the place does look pretty fantastic:

Monkey Jungle Park and Research Center
"Where the humans are caged and the monkeys run wild" Since 1933
14805 Southwest 216th Street
Miami, FL 33170-2299
(305) 235-1611

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Dana at the Florida Supercon THIS WEEKEND

Dana Snyder is scheduled to appear at the Florida Supercon this weekend (July 1-4, 2011.) The Supercon is located in Miami and is always a great weekend.

From their site:
South Florida's Comic Book, Anime, Animation, Video Game, Fantasy, Sci-Fi and Pop Culture Convention will return on July 1-4, 2011. That's right, FSC is now a 4 day event! Since it's a holiday weekend, and Monday is the holiday, we're expanding the fun for an extra day. It's now a Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday event!

FSC will be returning for year six to the NEWLY RENOVATED and NEWLY RENAMED "MIAMI AIRPORT CONVENTION CENTER" (MACC), formally known as the Miami Mart Airport Hotel and Convention Center located at 711 NW 72nd Ave, Miami FL. 33126.

Dana's bio is up on the site:
Also listed are actor Bruce Boxlietner, Cary Elwes, actor and comic creator Todd Stashwick and many other notables.


You will be less than an hour away from The Whale's Rib and The Rustic Inn, two of Dana's favorite restaurants. If you are still hungry you head into the Keys for The Fish House and Pepe's Cafe.

So book a flight, hop in your car... or get a train and travel there like Jackie Gleason did:

If you do go to the con, be sure to give us a report or links to some photos from the event.

It should be a great time.

Monday, June 27, 2011

a second listen: KEN P.D. SNYDECAST #96: Banana Breath

KEN P.D. SNYDECAST #96: Banana Breath is a very fun episode that was released back in 2009.

It featured a lot of chat about Universal Studios. They talk about the Backlot tour, spending lots of time talking about things that have changed over the years.

Here is a video of the tour from 2005:

They also talk about a mishap on the area where the water parts:

Then they divert into talk about female names that you don't hear anymore.

And Ken makes a Minnie Pearl reference:

Dana suggests that we all see the film Shakespeare Was a Big George Jones Fan which you can buy on Amazon. Here is a clip of this film:

They also look through the great website

The show then discusses fruit, Pink Lady and Jeff and lots of other interesting topics.

Go ahead and give KEN P.D. SNYDECAST #96: Banana Breath another listen.

Posted by Guy Hutchinson

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Dana's IMDb message board

After taking a look at one of the threads on Dana's IMDb message board the other day, I figured there were a few more we could take a look at today:

First up is this guy who thinks Dana sounds like the star of the hit 1997 film Mouse Hunt:
This guy disagrees:
Stay classy, IMDb!

There is a debate raging whether or not Dana is Handsome:

Jay Edwards has weighed in:
The debate is currently 13-2 with "handsome" in the lead.

Finally there is this:
The voice in the Marilyn Manson song does sound a bit like Dana.

Here is the video, I am sure Marilyn Manson is TOTALLY the type of music Dana listens to and he would want it posted even if he isn't doing a voice on the track:

You can hear the voice (and the phrase in question at 1:45.)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Last chance to see Snydely in Damn Yankees

This weekend marks the final performances of Dana Snyder in the cast of Damn Yankees at the Lyceum Theatre in Arrowrock, MO.
Here is part of an article on the show from the Marshall Democrat-News:

Lyceum preview: 'Damn Yankees' combines Faustian story line with music, baseball

Monday, June 20, 2011
Marshall Democrat-News
The Arrow Rock Lyceum Theatre will present George Abbott and Douglass Wallop's "Damn Yankees" beginning Saturday, June 18, with shows at 2 and 8 p.m.
The show features music and lyrics by Richard Adler and Jerry Ross.

The story is based on the legend of Faust, who famously sold his soul to the devil in change for knowledge and worldly pleasures.

The article continues:

Dana Snyder returns to the Lyceum after appearing in last year's production of the "Producers" as Max Bialystock.

He has performed in theaters around the country as well as in film, television and radio.

His voice is most recognized from your mom's bedroom.

OK, I modified the last line of the article.

You can read the actual article here.

By the way, if you still don't know what the Faust story is perhaps it's best explained by the Muppets:

Kermit: You know the Faust story?
Gonzo: No.
Kermit: Well see, Faust sold his soul to the devil and in return became very rich and very famous.

After Damn Yankees Dana will be going to the Florida Supercon from July 1-4:

Here is some info from the Supercon website:
South Florida's Comic Book, Anime, Animation, Video Game, Fantasy, Sci-Fi and Pop Culture Convention will return on July 1-4, 2011. That's right, FSC is now a 4 day event! Since it's a holiday weekend, and Monday is the holiday, we're expanding the fun for an extra day. It's now a Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday event!

Then it's back to the Lyceum Theatre for The Sound of Music (July 6-17.)

Friday, June 24, 2011

Dana Snyder, Male Model

Recently a Snyde-listener named Jon posted on Twitter:
"Cleaning out my old bookmarks found this old link. @danasnyder? I never confirmed. History Of Rock Written By The Losers"

The link went to an Onion article with this photo:

Yeah, it does look like Dana.

This photo is also mentioned in Dana's IMDb message board:

And ImVaudeville is correct, that is indeed Mr. Dana Snyder.

Dana posed for this picture years ago for a fake article in The Onion.

Here is some of that article:
History Of Rock Written By The Losers
SEPTEMBER 17, 2003 | ISSUE 39•36

BOSTON—Fifty years after its inception, rock 'n' roll music remains popular due to the ardor of its fans and the hard work of musicians, producers, and concert promoters. But in the vast universe of popular music, there exists an oft-overlooked group of dedicated individuals who devote their ample free time to collecting, debating, and publishing the minutiae of the rock genre. They are the losers who write rock's rich and storied history.

Dana Harris spends a Friday night cataloging his CD collection on a computer spreadsheet.

"The city of Boston is about more than just Mission Of Burma or Galaxie 500, and it's certainly about more than Boston or The Cars," said 28-year-old Dana Harris, a rock historian. "The scene in Boston is full of history, but it's also vibrant right now. Someone needs to record all the amazing things going on here, even if it means that person will never have a social life."

For Harris, rock is the only topic of conversation and the only form of entertainment. While other men his age go on dates or enjoy the sunlight, Harris haunts the rear corners of local rock clubs like The Paradise, where he sits alone, hunched over a notebook. During the day, he works in his windowless bedroom compiling facts about the city's rock history for his web site,

"Rock is so important to me," Harris said, gesturing to a cabinet where he files articles concerning all of the live shows he attends and detailed transcriptions of interviews with artists who live only blocks away. "If I couldn't write about music and collect music, I have no idea what I'd do instead."
You can read the rest of the article here.

Article text and photo © Copyright 2011, Onion, Inc. All rights reserved.

A Bit of a Chat with Ken Plume & Jonathan Coulton 3

Look what popped up on Twitter:

Ahh, a Friday full of Plume.

Check out this sonic celebration here.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Bit of a Chat with Ken Plume & Mike Lombardo has a new episode of "A Bit of a Chat", Ken's OTHER podcast.

A Bit of a Chat with Ken Plume & Mike Lombardo is the usually mixture of silliness, sincerity and actual interview stuff. Ken describes the episode "...I chat with singer/songwriter Mike Lombardo about vans, piano beds, and mockney accents."

If you love the Snydecast, you MUST listen to this show.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

a closer look: Muppet busts

Yeah... I know what you are hoping for.

You saw the title "a closer look: Muppet busts" and hoped for some topless Miss Piggy photos.

Or was I the only one who wanted to see that?


KEN P.D. SNYDECAST #67: Sunny Side Down contains some talk of the Muppet Busts that were put out by Master Replicas and quickly sold out:

Dana: I got two Muppet busts.
Ken: Oh? Which one did you buy? You found them, finally?
Dana: I got the only ones I could find. I got a Scooter for $7.
Ken: Not bad.

Dana: and I got a Link Hogthrob for roughly the same amount.

Ken: Now that's a pair!
Dana: Yeah.
Ken: Remember all the great sketches they had together?

Sure, Scooter and Link were no Statler and Waldorf, but they did share the screen in this memorable sketch:

Monday, June 20, 2011

a closer look: The Rustic Inn

On Ken P. D. Snydecast #164: Every Day’s A Holly-Day Dana talks about his love of Florida crab joints.

He described The Rustic Inn as an "incredible place."

The Rustic Inn opened in the mid 1950s and is known for their garlic crabs and in-depth interviews.

They have a Flickr account with scans of their menus and it certainly sounds delicious!

Red and spicy Islamorada conch chowder, linguini with red crab sauce and a crab sampler that sounds like the greatest thing on earth.

You may remember that Dana said he went to the Rustic Inn with a friend of Bristol Palin's:
Dana: I went there with a very sweet beautiful girl. Who was friends... her family... she grew up with...
Ken: Scott Baio.
Dana: No. A younger...
Ken: Charlie Callas.
Dana: I can't remember who it is. You're trying to be funny and it trumps everything.
Ken: Dick Butkis.
Dana: Bristol Palin.
Ken: That was funny?
Dana: No. I didn't say it was funny.
Ken: That trumps everything, though?
Dana: 'cause it's crazy.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Video: Fathers' Day

As we remember fathers everywhere today let's reflect by watching cartoons and sitcoms...

Here are a pair of Dad themed Goofy cartoons:

This is the Fathers' Day episode of The Cosby Show. It's a classic. If you don't have time to watch the whole thing, make sure and watch the first few minutes of part 2 where you see Bill explain that he wants better gifts:

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Opening Day for Damn Yankees

The musical comedy Damn Yankees opens TODAY at the Lyceum Theatre and runs through June 26th.

Damn Yankees opened on Broadway in 1955 and is still a fresh fun show today. The longevity of the show is partially due to it's great story which borrows from the Faust legend.
Yeah, I didn't know what that meant either. Click the link for a Wikipedia page.

Bottom line is that Dana will be on stage today entertaining the good folks of Arrow Rock and anyone else lucky enough to get there.

Go to the Lyceum Theatre website for tickets. On the site you can also read this article on the show.

It reads in part:

Damn Yankees is a musical comedy with a book by George Abbott and Douglass Wallop and music and lyrics by Richard Adler and Jerry Ross. The story is a modern retelling of the Faust legend set during the 1950s in Washington, D.C., during a time when the New York Yankees dominated Major League Baseball. The musical is based on Wallop's novel The Year the Yankees Lost the Pennant.

Damn Yankees ran for 1,019 performances in its original 1955 Broadway production. Middle-aged baseball fanatic Joe Boyd trades his soul to the Devil for a chance to lead his favorite team to victory in the pennant race against the New York Yankees. Mr. Applegate, as he is known, transforms Joe Boyd into young baseball sensation Joe Hardy, who turns the hapless Washington Senators into a winning team, only to realize the true worth of the life he’s left behind.

Dana Snyder returns to the Lyceum after appearing in last year’s production of the Producers, as Max Bialystock. He has performed in theatres around the country, and in film, television and radio. His voice is most recognizable as that of Master Shake on Adult Swim's AQUA TEEN HUNGER FORCE.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Jane Goldman! DC Pierson! Two more Bit of a Chats... has two brand new episodes of "A Bit of a Chat", Ken's OTHER podcast.

First up is Jane Goldman, Ken describes the episode "as In this episode, I chat with screenwriter Jane Goldman about adaptations, childhood trauma, birthing music, butterbeer, and Lionel Richie."

Second is a new chat with DC Pierson. This one is described as In this episode, I have another chat with 1/3 of the comedy troupe Derrick, writer and actor DC Pierson, about cosies, murder, bubblegum, golden pools, and digital spoons.

Aim your mouse at and enjoy this double dose of multitasking podcasting glory.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Damn Yankees in the news

The Boonville Daily News website has an article up written by Eric Berger. Eric Berger also has provided us with some wonderful rehearsal photos making him my second favorite Berger - after one with bacon and cheddar, of course (yep, I am sure he never heard that joke before.)

You can find the full article (and photos) here.

Below are some excerpts:

Arrow Rock theatre, baseball: A match made in hell
By Eric Berger
Boonville Daily News

The actors at the Lyceum Theatre have their souls in tact, even if they don’t play as such on stage.

They stood scattered around the Old School House in Arrow Rock Tuesday, rehearsing scene changes for their upcoming performances of “Damn Yankees”, a musical which offers a modern take on the Faust legend.

Some of the actors, with Broadway credentials, will make their first appearances at the mid-Missouri playhouse. Others are familiar with the town whose population is a fraction of the theater capacity.

The article continues:

Many of the actors have toured with national companies, received accolades for their performances, or appeared in television and film. Dana Snyder, who plays team manager Benny Van Buren, voices Master Shake on the popular television show “Aqua Teen Hunger Force.” April Woodall, who plays Boyd’s wife Meg, received Best Lead Actress Award at the Midtown International Theater Festival for her role in “Gray Matters.” Ron Wisniski played FDR in two national “Annie” tours.

Above is a cast photo. You can spot Snydely in the back standing next to a pole. He's probably waiting for a stripper to show up. I do that sometimes.

Ken's birthday cometh...

Ken's birthday is next month and he put up a charming webpage to talk about a birthday wish... one I really hope comes true.

Go over to or right now... and donate.

Give him enough for at least one flashing light.