Sunday, June 5, 2011

VIDEO: What's My Line?

Game Show Network still has not picked up the game show 'Who's Your Whackadoo?' (conceived on KEN P.D. SNYDECAST #98: Timothy’s Circus of Crime.)


Well, at least YouTube is here to give us videos from the days when a game show top prize was $50.

Here are some clips from the classic game show "What's My Line?".

Usually a guest would come out and the panel would try and guess his/her occupation. They also had a mystery guest. In this case you would have the panel blindfolded and a celebrity would come out and they would ask questions to find out who he/she was.

Here is Phil Silvers in rare form:

Do you remember when Ken and Dana discussed a possible one man show where Dana would channel Emmett Kelly? Here is that beloved clown decades before they spoke of him on the Snydecast:

Walt Disney also appeared on the show. It's a fun segment. Make sure and see at 4:52 when they start talking about new additions to Disneyland:

The great Jack Benny appeared on the show. Classic deadpan humor:

Finally, here is legendary chicken fryer Colonel Harlan Sanders. He was not a mystery guest and the panel is not able to figure out who he is. Shortly after he became a household name:

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