Sunday, June 26, 2011

Dana's IMDb message board

After taking a look at one of the threads on Dana's IMDb message board the other day, I figured there were a few more we could take a look at today:

First up is this guy who thinks Dana sounds like the star of the hit 1997 film Mouse Hunt:
This guy disagrees:
Stay classy, IMDb!

There is a debate raging whether or not Dana is Handsome:

Jay Edwards has weighed in:
The debate is currently 13-2 with "handsome" in the lead.

Finally there is this:
The voice in the Marilyn Manson song does sound a bit like Dana.

Here is the video, I am sure Marilyn Manson is TOTALLY the type of music Dana listens to and he would want it posted even if he isn't doing a voice on the track:

You can hear the voice (and the phrase in question at 1:45.)


Dolemite said...

Yeah one of these posts is me. Not saying who I am. But I am totally awesome and my posts are 100% accurate.

Guy Hutchinson said...

Thanks Dolemite. We are all better people for having read your words.