Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Twitter: Safety tips, fence saddles, Literal Beatles, 4 Pianos and Glenn Beck

If you aren't a follower of Ken's Twitter page you miss out on all Ken's amusing tweets.

Go over to twitter.com/KENPLUME right now and start following Ken! He's as funny as he is on the Snydecast... without the sighing.

Here are a smattering of tweets he made recently:

-I can't believe someone else is the Foursquare Mayor of my heart. SHOW YOURSELF.

-SAFETY TIP #173: If you're trying to scratch your back with an at-hand implement not intended for back-scratching, try not to stab yourself.

-Still on the fence about tonight's live crapoke. This is not a comfortable fence. Clearly, I need to purchase a fence saddle.

-TSA #LesserRappers

-Kenmore Mix-A-Lot #LesserRappers

-One day, I'm going to learn to play the piano - if only to justify why I own four of them.

-Man at McDonald's wearing suspenders, a belt, and a colostomy bag. That man is ready for his Happy Meal.

I'm looking through you. You appear to have a hole. #LiteralBeatles

-Glenn Beck is going to be doing his show live on the internet this Fall. To adapt, he's vowed to learn to play ukelele & watch Doctor Who.

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