Thursday, June 16, 2011

Damn Yankees in the news

The Boonville Daily News website has an article up written by Eric Berger. Eric Berger also has provided us with some wonderful rehearsal photos making him my second favorite Berger - after one with bacon and cheddar, of course (yep, I am sure he never heard that joke before.)

You can find the full article (and photos) here.

Below are some excerpts:

Arrow Rock theatre, baseball: A match made in hell
By Eric Berger
Boonville Daily News

The actors at the Lyceum Theatre have their souls in tact, even if they don’t play as such on stage.

They stood scattered around the Old School House in Arrow Rock Tuesday, rehearsing scene changes for their upcoming performances of “Damn Yankees”, a musical which offers a modern take on the Faust legend.

Some of the actors, with Broadway credentials, will make their first appearances at the mid-Missouri playhouse. Others are familiar with the town whose population is a fraction of the theater capacity.

The article continues:

Many of the actors have toured with national companies, received accolades for their performances, or appeared in television and film. Dana Snyder, who plays team manager Benny Van Buren, voices Master Shake on the popular television show “Aqua Teen Hunger Force.” April Woodall, who plays Boyd’s wife Meg, received Best Lead Actress Award at the Midtown International Theater Festival for her role in “Gray Matters.” Ron Wisniski played FDR in two national “Annie” tours.

Above is a cast photo. You can spot Snydely in the back standing next to a pole. He's probably waiting for a stripper to show up. I do that sometimes.

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