Sunday, December 26, 2010

Ken Plume: Twitter master

I am constantly amazed at the massive number of witty tweets Ken posts every single day.

Here are some recent tweets from

-You know, if you speed up SNL by about 10%, it nicely eliminates most of the awkward cue-card reading pauses and missed cues.

-Just ordered a massive clutch of Cavett materials. Doing so in 1971 would have gotten me on Nixon's enemies list.

-Sometimes you have to stop, take a good, hard look at your life, throw up your hands, and cry out, "Mummenschanz!"

-After more than 25 years & 50,000 guests, Larry King ends his run on CNN having never done one shred of research.

-Jackson Publick just informed me that there's a site catering to Republican Sci-Fi fans. Because other sci-fi sites are too goddamn liberal

-I love how consistent troll grammar and spelling is. They all must have skipped the same classes.

-My underused Word O' The Day? "Skedaddle". Try it!

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