Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Fish Hooks

Are you off from work on Wednesday December 29th? Maybe you have a nice boss who let gave you a paid holiday. Maybe you are a student on a winter break. Maybe you are unemployed and are off every day.

Regardless, you can watch Fish Hooks on the Disney Channel tomorrow at 12pm . Roll out of bed at 11:58am, pour yourself a bowl of Sugar Smacks and sit in front of the tv for two hours of fun filled fish follies with Dana Snyder providing the voice of Mr. Baldwin.

The 12pm episode is entitled 'Baldwin the Superfish' where the kids find out that Mr. Baldwin may be a superhero.

If you do have to work the episode is on youtube: CLICK HERE.
If you watch it in front of your boss, you too could have the luxury of watching cartoons during the day... everyday.

Good luck!

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