Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Photos and Video: Dana Snyder at Florida Supercon 2011

This weekend Dana was one of the featured guests at the Florida Supercon in Miami.

As reported in examiner.com:
Featured guests include actors and voice actors for many beloved films and TV shows like Transformers, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Tron. This year’s special guest is Cary Elwes, who brought a surprising amount of energy and appreciation for all the fans who’ve seen him in movies such as the Princess Bride and the modern horror movie Saw. Elwes was not the only genuinely happy guest, as voice actor Dana Snyder actually brought a tween fan on stage to help him get through his improvised appearance, it was as heart warming as it was comedic.

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Here are some great pictures of the event (courtesy of Jon from Jacksonville who made the nearly 12 hour round trip drive to the convention... or maybe flew in a private jet, I have no idea.):

Above is a picture with Dana and his randomly selected tween co-panelist.

Dana signing artwork. Notice the containers of mustard on the table.

Jon described this as "Dana Snyder describing his least favorite episode recording of ATHF. When he was sick. This is the vomit impression..."

Here we see Dana Snyder with Lear Bunda discussing the screening of The Space Coast movie. It's a project we will be hearing more about I'm sure.

Dana hosting the art auction panel.

This may look like a repeat of the vomit photo... but notice Dana is wearing a different (and dare I say MORE AWESOME) shirt.

Here is some video of Dana on one of the Supercon panels:

Finally, here is a clip of Dana and a fan at the show:

Here are some Twitter comments from various users about the show:

"Got to see a screening of a super secret upcoming @andysipes @danasnyder project today. Can't wait for the official release!"

"I also got called "Purple princess of darkness" and "victorian babydoll" by @Danasnyder. Horrible <3 #Supercon"

"At the Whales Rib in Deerfield Beach Fl. Asked for the Dana Snyder table but we got Steven Tyler. No Dana table. That's BS!"

"@DanaSnyder saw my "Deal With It" sign on a plate and called me "McGyver Plateman Cosplay Man". Wut."

"Picture w/ some of @heyhihello and Master Shake aka @DanaSnyder! OMG AQUA TEEN. twitpic.com/5kqvd8"

"Saw a panel with @DanaSnyder, the voice actor or master shake. He was super cool~"

If you have any photo, videos or memories of the convention go ahead and post them below.

Thanks to Jon for the photos and all who tweeted and uploaded videos of the event.

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Guy Hutchinson said...

Thanks again to all who attended and posted footage and video to the web!