Friday, July 22, 2011

Run For Your Wife... and sexist commercials

Tomorrow is opening day of Dana Snyder's final summer production at the Lyceum Theatre in Arrow Rock.

This show is called Run For Your Wife and it runs until July 30.

This is a fast paced adult comedy and Dana plays the freeloading neighbor, Stanley.

We don't have a clip from the show to show you from the show, but maybe you will enjoy this record by Steve Allen titled "What is a Wife?":

Ah yes, the good old days those horrible days when sexism was rampant.

Remember what Ward Cleaver had to say:

Yep, it was a different time. Sexism wasn't just ok, it was a sales pitch.

Take a look at this vintage coffee ad:

This didn't just happen in the 50s. Here is an ad from 1970 for Goodyear:

As "multiplesifl" says in the comment section "Let's just all be thankful the dizzy broad could handle all those confusing signs and didn't kill someone important, like a man."


Let's wrap things up with a classic commercial for Mystery Date from Milton Bradley:

Be sure to check out the Lyceum Theatre website for more details on Run For Your Wife.

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