Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Last week to see Dana in The Sound of Music

Dana Snyder's performance at the Lyceum Theatre's production of The Sound of Music is in it's final week.

The show will wrap up on July 17.

After that Dana will stick around for the production of Run For Your Wife.

Details on the Lyceum Theatre website.

For those of you that can get to Arrow Rock Missouri, do it! And send us a review of the show!

For the rest of us, here is a very cool video of Arrow Rock that shows the Lyceum and gives us a look at how peaceful and beautiful the town is:


The C Word said...

I just saw Dana in the production last night and got to meet him afterwards! He is the coolest, nicest guy ever. I have a picture of him and I, and he said to send it in so it can be put up on the Experience! I need to work on doing that. My review for the show is that I enjoyed it very much and got the biggest kick out of the butler role, which Dana pulled off perfectly.

Guy Hutchinson said...

You MUST send the photo! I will be happy to post it!