Friday, July 8, 2011

Yankovics and Snyders

This bit of bad news popped up on twitter:


Well, it seems like a good day to share these clips of Weird Al Yankovic.

First, here is performing on "Tomorrow with Tom Snyder":

Here is an odd clip circa 1993 with Weird Al playing Santa on a Tom Snyder holiday special:

Speaking of people named Snyder... you may remember this exchange from the start of KEN P.D. SNYDECAST #113: Nuts On The Snyde Part 2:

Ken: Not the Yankovic he wants...
Dana: Yeah, I don't want Weird Al Yankovic. I want Frankie Yankovic. The TRUE Yankovic. There's only one Yankovic as far as I'm concerned.

Here is a clip with BOTH Yankovics:

Here is another clip with Frankie and his band playing "The I've Got A Wife At Home Polka":

I checked Weird Al's twitter feed for a response to Plumey's recorder problems and all I found was:
Wait... I don't think that's really him.

You can find his account here.

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