Thursday, July 21, 2011

Random "wife" videos from YouTube

We are just days away from Dana Snyder's final summer production at the Lyceum Theatre in Arrow Rock.

This show is called Run For Your Wife and it runs from July 23-30.

As we await the first show this Saturday, keep busy with these videos I found on YouTube...

First here is, perhaps, the most amazing duo of horse names being called at a race last August:
(NOTE:audio is only on the left speaker.)

Next is this awful woman:
She was married to some awful man and they are getting a divorce.
I was bored of the clip 10 seconds in... but then at 0:30 something magical happened! Check it out:

Finally, it's the king of wife jokes, Mr. Henny Youngman:

Go to the Lyceum Theatre website for more details.

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