Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Shoji Tabutchi, Batman & Snoopy

Ken and Dana were both lighting up twitter last night. Here are some of the highlights:

Dana "A dream come true! Meeting the great Shoji Tabutchi!"
Shoji is a world renown country musician and fiddler. He performs at the Shoji Tabutchi Theatre (amazing coincidence.)

Ken "Would you like to see a sketch of Batman drawn by Charles Schulz? Sure you would... "
You can find more info about this sketch here.

And most importantly, in response to questions about the return of Snydecast, Dana said "yes count on it! Starting august!"


Im That Jon said...

Someone shaved the Superstache! That thing was majestic and awe-inspiring. I hope it went to Locks of Love....

Guy Hutchinson said...

Yeah, I noticed that too. I wonder if it's coming back after he finishes Run For Your Wife.

John J. said...

FYI: AquaTeenGal87 is ultra-annoying. Had to block her on the ascentral account. x_x