Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Very Muppet Saint Patrick's Day

First off, I don't know much about the image below. Still, it disturbs me greatly.
Why is Grover in his pajamas... and is he in a wheelchair?
Anyway, in honor of the day that Saint Patrick drove the snakes out of Ireland, today we share some Muppety video clips.

First is Wayne (one of the more obscure Muppets) performing My Wild Irish Rose:

Of course the color of the day is GREEN, so as hack as it may be, here is Kermit singing his song:

Finally, here is the most classic of all Saint Patrick's Day clips (Muppet or otherwise) it's Beaker, Swedish Chef and Animal doing Danny Boy:

Happy Saint Patrick's Day, everyone! Keep boozing on Friday and you can get into Purim (the great Jewish drinking holiday) on Saturday at sundown.

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