Sunday, March 13, 2011

Tweets from Mr. Plume's Twitter Feed

On Ken continues to display his trademark wit and humor:

Just spent 5 minutes of internal debate to determine that the word "portapotty" is infantile while the word "portajohn" is juvenile.

Whilst extracting a gray hair from my eyeline, I jabbed myself in the eye with my thumb. Dammit, IS THIS WHAT AGING BRINGS? And OW.

No one this side of a flaming oil drum should be singing Big Rock Candy Mountain in the middle of the night. I seem to be the sad exception.

If I had 1 wish, I'd wish for the ability to sing. If I had 2 wishes, the 2nd would be to play piano. 3 wishes? Something about orphans.

Twitter is great way to get small doses of Plume as you await the newest Ken P.D. Snydecast. Go over to now!

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