Sunday, May 29, 2011

Video: Dan Aykryod

KEN P.D. SNYDECAST #67: Sunny Side Down talks of celebrity maladies and deformities.

Rowan Atkinson has a stutter, Danny Glover has no toenails, Dudley Moore had a club foot...

Then Ken drops this bombshell:

Ken: Dan Aykroyd has webbed toes.
Dana: No he doesn't.
Ken: Yes he does.
Dana: He has webbed toes?
Ken: Uh huh.
Dana: If he does... that is... disgusting.

Well, he does.

Still, it's not the worst deformity one could have... remember this exchange (courtesy of MST3KINFO.COM) from the Manos episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000:

Joel: I mean there's got to be a ton of other exaggerated "physical attributes" that would be a whole lot scarier. Like, if I wanted to scare people, I'd have really huge forearms.
Tom: Well, ya kinda do. But what I'd do, see, get this, I'd have one big droopy pinky, and I'd drag it behind me.
Crow: What if you had one buttcheek that was way bigger than the other one? Couldn't stand it, huh?
Tom: My head: a canker, a big giant canker. Nothin' but.
Joel: I'd have one, really big flared nostril, and inside would be lots of red matted hair.
Crow: I'd have an ear that would cover me like a shroud, and a thumb the size of a juggling pin!
Joel: Yah!
Crow: ...but not on my hand.
Tom: Nipples. Many sizes, many shapes. Some on my back!
Crow: A tongue the size of a sleeping bag, and my fingers would fold the other way. Think about it.
Joel: On my face, everything normal except--no nose.
Crow: Nothing?
Joel: Nope, not even holes. Think how disturbing that would be, ahh!

You can find that exchange at around 7 minutes into this clip:

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