Tuesday, May 10, 2011

a closer look: Mustard

Back on KEN P.D. SNYDECAST #161: Mail Nag Dana talked about a listener (Jon from Jacksonville, Florida) who had given him the gift of mustard.

DANA: I do believe Jon, who knows who he is, who sent TWO things... one of which, Plumey... he spent $18.50 to have express mailed to Eye Of The Snyder International headquarters.

KEN: And you left it sitting in the mailbox for a few days?

DANA: NO! Well, yes. I haven't been in because of my birthday and all. But, and as fate will have it... now I don't know when it actually arrived... but... it was in fact... uh... listed... spent $18.50 Jonathan did. Have it sent there... and all it said was, just so I can be, since you said you didn't get anything yet... piece of paper just with the word "first" written on it.

KEN: That's what was in the package.

DANA: That's right. It was in an express mail envelope, $18.50, and Jonathan for you I am happy to say... it was indeed first.

The podcast goes on and then Dana mentions the other package Jon sent "a humongous box of various fancy mustards."

Dana mentioned that the mustard that looked the best had the seal broken (during shipping) and featured a red cap and a lion on the label.

That mustard was Lowensenf Extra Hot Mustard. The other mustard that had the broken seal was Alstertor Dusseldorf Mustard. Dana assumed that "Dusseldorf" must mean "crazy mustard" and liked the miniature beer stein it came in.

Jon was nice enough to send a picture of these condiments:

Lowensenf is on the left, Alstertor Dusseldorf on the right and a Pulaski Stone Ground Polish mustard in the middle.


Aaron said...

Sweet! I've been hoping there would be mustard pics.

Did Plumey ever get his ketchup? ;)

Guy Hutchinson said...

Seriously, don't they look amazing! I so want a sandwich right now.