Monday, August 1, 2011

You're NOT Dana Snyder!

Do you remember Dana Snyder from Shawshank Redemption?

This lady:

She acts opposite the legendary James Whitmore in one scene where she utters the line:

Make sure your man 'double bags' last time he didn't 'double bag' and the bottom near came out.

It's much sexier the way she says it.

Anyway, this isn't the only Dana Snyder out there. Obviously there is THIS one:

Would you like to see some of the other Dana Snyders out there? No? Of course not! Why would that be entertaining to anyone? Regardless, I am showing some:

Here is a Dana Snyder dressed for a luau with the title FFA Advisor. I like to think she ISN'T at a luau and that's just how she rolls!

What is a FFA Advisor? It may be a Fire Fighting Appliance Advisor. Maybe she tells people "yeah, you could put out a fire with a dishwasher" and then charges them $100.

Action shot! Look at Dana Snyder taking the lead and leaving us in the dust. Sure, back here the view never changes, but at least it's a view of Dana Snyder.

Wanna buy a house from Dana Snyder? You have two choices:

Wow, I wish these lady Dana Snyders would do a podcast. I don't imagine there is a lady Ken Plume out there...

Here is another lady Dana Snyder:
Look at Dana Snyder sitting on barrels. I hope this was on the set of the live action Donkey Kong movie.

This Dana Snyder stands downwind as a dog's tail is lifted. Very brave, Dana Snyder!

Finally we have a track coaching Dana Snyder:
I always wondered about track coaches... do they just say "run faster" or is there some strategy involved?

Anyway, there you have it! A bunch of Dana Snyders that aren't this guy:

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