Monday, August 8, 2011

Fan photos from Arrow Rock, Missouri

I received the following email today:
Hello Dr. Wienerbreath! 
I went to see Dana in The Sound Of Music and Run For Your Wife in Arrow Rock, and was lucky enough to speak with Dana after both shows. I got pictures with him both times, and he told me that if I sent them to you, you would put them up on the Experience. So, they are attached and ready. Thanks!

P.S. Sorry about the picture that is very dark and of terrible quality. That was taken the first time, when all I had to take a photo was my shit-ass Razr phone. Still a very worthy and awesome-in-spirit photo, though, if you ask me.
How awesome it must have been to see Dana in both of those shows. Here are the pictures of Carolyn with a clean shaven Dana Snyder... well... it's as clean shaven as Dana gets:
BTW, check out Dana's sweet Herzog shirt. It's from a series of shirts with names of movie directors in the style and font of rock bands. Dana's shirt combines the Danzig logo:
With the great Werner Herzog (pictured below, being attacked by Klaus Kinski):
You can buy the shirt here. ... and since I know you wanted to "flip book" those last two pics of Dana, here is an animated gif:
Thanks to Carolyn for sending the pictures over! If you have any pictures of Dana or Ken and want to share them on The Experience, shoot me an email at


The C Word said...

Oh man, you have no idea how awesome it was to see those shows! I was in the very front row and dead center for both of them b/c I bought my tickets fairly far in advance. What an incredible view of two great shows. I've loved The Sound Of Music since I was very small, and Run For Your Wife was so funny I (and the whole audience) couldn't stop laughing the whole time! Thank you so much for posting these pictures. This experience truly made my year. It was the thrill of a lifetime. I can't wait for the new Snydecast! And Terror Phone 3 : D

Anonymous said...

I am so very, very jealous of Carolyn for getting to see both shows.

Almost as jealous as I am of Tommy Glasscock.

I can't wait for the next Snydecast to come out. Why do Snydely and Plumey have to lead such busy, productive lives?

Guy Hutchinson said...

Front row center... could you make us more jealous?

I echo the call of "when will we get another Snydecast??" It's been 102 days since the last one.

Dana says it will be this month. Stay tuned!