Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Snydecast Mystery

Recently I got the following email:
Dear Dr Wiener Breathe,
Hi! I'm trying to find two episodes of the snydecast. Since you're the expert I was wondering if you could point me towards them. 
One is the episode where Dana was talking about the elevator videos on youtube. The other one might be more difficult- it was one where Dana was talking about an email he received that really hurt his feelings. He mentions it a bunch of times throughout the episode, but they never actually read the email. I believe there was a guest (I'm not sure who) and it MAY have been a double episode. If you can help me out on this I would be extremely grateful!
Thanks for the help, 
The elevator one is easy. It's #77 My Name is Fish

The other one is harder to figure out. 

I have been listening to the double episodes and the episodes with guests, but I cannot find it.

Any ideas? Can you solve the mystery?


The C Word said...

I've been listening to every episode for a second (or third) time, starting from the very first one. I'm up to 98 now, and I don't recall one where Dana talked about an email that hurt his feelings. He talked about an email from a crazy woman, though I don't remember if he read it or not (I'm often drinking when I listen to these). He complained in one of the episodes before #98 that they got an email from a guy who gave them the history of Clear Channel or something like that, and Dana was bitching that the guy seemed like a know-it-all. Ken disagreed with him and appreciated the guy's email. I can't remember what number it was. I dunno if that helps.

Guy Hutchinson said...

"I'm often drinking when I listen to these"

Its the best way to listen!!!

Thanks for the input!

Sithus said...

I believe the episode you're talking about where someone hurt Dana's feelings is #114 Baby Driver. Hope that helps!