Thursday, August 11, 2011

VIDEO: DragonCon 2010 Panel

Jon from clued me in to a fantastic series of posts that have been going up on that site. It's a 50 day countdown that to hype everyone up for the upcoming DaragonCon.

As part of the countdown a couple videos featuring Ken and Dana have surfaced from DragonCon 2010.

You can see the original posts here and here.

The videos were taped during a wacky star studded DragonCon panel (playing the old game show Liars Club.) On the panel are some MST3K alumni, Misty Lee, Adam Savage and the inimitable Dana Snyder.

The panel is hosted by the great Ken Plume and Widget Walls is there, but I don't think he does or says anything in either of the clips.

This panel was mentioned on KEN P.D. SNYDECAST #152: So, Where Were We.

Dana was talking to Ken about how people were eating caffeinated marshmallows on the panel:

Ken: You should have been caffeinated.
Dana: Well, after having-
Ken: In fact, you know what. Maybe if you had been caffeinated you could have prevented getting a wet crotch.

Yeah, you better see the video...

One thing that I noticed during the panel was what everyone was drinking:

YEEEEAAAAHHHH DANA! That's why we love him so.

BTW, here is a clip from the TV game show Liar's Club featuring Tom Bosley, Harvey Korman and Bob Krane:

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