Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Mystery Followup #2

You may remember this letter I posted recently:

Dear Dr Wienerbreath,
Hi! I'm trying to find two episodes of the snydecast. Since you're the expert I was wondering if you could point me towards them.
One is the episode where Dana was talking about the elevator videos on youtube. The other one might be more difficult- it was one where Dana was talking about an email he received that really hurt his feelings. He mentions it a bunch of times throughout the episode, but they never actually read the email. I believe there was a guest (I'm not sure who) and it MAY have been a double episode. If you can help me out on this I would be extremely grateful!
Thanks for the help,

I have recieved another email from Hank that sheds much more light on the reasons he wanted to revisit those episodes. I have included that email below:

Dr. Wienerbreath,

 Thanks for the help! Sorry I didn't email you back earlier, I've been very busy.

 Turns out the episode I was thinking of was #18: Flyover States Part 2. I did try and listen to it before when searching but wasn't patient enough to listen to it all the way through.


I cut together the 3 times they mentioned it, may have been more but again, didn't have the patience to listen to all of it since the audio was so poor back then! Anyways- The reason I wanted to find this again is because I'm that asshole emailer! Wow, can't believe that was in 2006. I barely even knew what a podcast was back then, I think it may have been the only one I listened to, definitely the only one I listened to regularly. I was young and bored, and decided to write a terribly mean email. They mention that it was sarcastic, and I believe it was. I was TRYING to be funny. I'm not sure how funny it actually was, I would try to search out the email but I'm afraid it would just embarrass me. My days of trolling podcasts is long over (that's the only time!). I remember when I was listening to the podcast I was shocked to hear them talk about the email and I felt bad as soon as I realized I hurt Dana's feelings. But the conversation did amuse me a bit.. I remember at the time hoping he would mention one thing I said and I'm curious if the part where he talks about his feelings being hurt was that one thing. I think said something along the lines that the only good work he's ever done that was any good involved Dave Willis. At the time I only remember him from Minoriteam and Venture Bros, and all of his other work was from Aqua Teen, Squidbillies, and I can't remember what else but it all involved Dave. Obviously it wasn't true, Venture Bros was great and he was very good on Minoriteam (but.. not my favorite show..). So, yeah. I'm not surprised I'm the only one that remembers this because it wasn't that significant. But that's the story on why I wanted to hear that audio.

 I also cut the elevator audio: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/2920754/elevatorsnydecasttalk.mp3

 This was a MUCH shorter conversation than I remember. Probably because after this podcast I started to have a slight obsession with these videos and these people. I've never taken my obsession as far as actually contacting any of them or doing my own elevator videos.. I'm just fascinated. I would love to do a documentary on these people, I think there really is something there. If only I had the funding! Anyways a couple of days ago I was bored and decided to look up these videos again randomly and I noticed that these people started teaming up to do elevator videos! The first thing I thought was.. I have to sync these together....


Here are two I edited together. One of these features musicfreakcc (mentioned on the snydecast), they both feature dieselducy. I forgot who the other guy is.

 Anyways, thanks for the help. I didn't expect this to be such a long email. I enjoy your blog, I haven't been keeping up in a while. It makes me miss the Snydecast. I wonder if they ever plan on starting it back up again. Feel free to post any of the audio or whatever to the blog (if it's any interesting at all).

 Thanks again,

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