Friday, August 3, 2012

The one where Dana had a stroke...

Aaron Poole notified me of this post on the Fred message board:

I've been a snydecast listener on and off for years. I kind of feel off for awhile and have recently gotten back into it and have been listening to old favorite episodes. Can someone please let me know the name of the episode where Dana told the story of when he went to the ER because he had a stroke?... I remember it being pretty funny and a good story.

I do remember this one! "How much cocaine did you have?" and "a little cocaine with breakfast, maybe?" were my favorite lines.

If I remember correctly, this one tells the story of the older man who taught Dana how to smoke (without getting caught) in a hospital bathroom.

But, I don't know the episode title or number... do you?

UPDATE: Solved! It's Ken PD Snydecast 109: Vomit Luge

All props go to Aaron Cooper, Snydecast Superfan!

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Aaron said...

#109: "Vomit Luge" (8/20/09)

One of my go-to episodes!