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REMINDER: Support  the "THERE'S A ZOMBIE IN MY TREEHOUSE!"  kickstarter (for an  iBook and sequel.)
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Here's some info cut and pasted off the Kickstarter website:

THERE'S A ZOMBIE IN MY TREEHOUSE! is a book written for children of all ages by Ken Plume & John Robinson and drawn for children of all ages by Len Peralta.  It was, however, created specifically with you in mind.

How can we be so sure of this?

Well, this is a children's book project that involves zombies--and you're reading this page. That says a lot about you, and we salute your morbid and whimsical nature. We ask you to embrace it...and read on.

The story of TREEHOUSE! involves our young hero, Johnny Fry, who loves his treehouse.  It is his base of operations for imaginative adventures where he can be a pirate, a cowboy, or even a pirate-cowboy.  But one dark day, a zombie somehow finds its way into his treehouse.  And Johnny is no fool--he knows that playing in a zombie-infested treehouse is not a safe notion, so he stays away.  His family tries to help him face his problem--tries being the key word there--and hijinks, mayhem and mystery ensue.

We had a lot of fun making the book.  We were very happy that Wired liked it as well.  And now, as we've marched into the future, these things called iBooks have come along.  And we realized they could give us a chance to merge the physical book with an audiobook version.  And not just one...but several.  So the idea was hatched to use Kickstarter to fund the creation of the There's a Zombie in my Treehouse! iBook, complete with audio versions of the book from awesome celebrity narrators.

But then we thought: "Why stop there?"  We have also kicked around the idea of a sequel in which our hero, Johnny Fry, is brought face-to-face with another incredible menace: Evil Snowmen.

And so our stretch goal is to fund the creation of the sequel, Conquest of the Snowmen, as both an iBook and a physical book.  And Mr. Neil Gaiman, we're very pleased to say, is on board to be the audiobook narrator for the sequel.  (Of course, for Mr. Gaiman to have something to read, we must unlock the creation of the book first...)

And thus we have created multiple reward levels for those of you who want to help make all this possible.

An interesting note about the Reward Levels.

You may notice that the reward levels offer free copies of the Zombie in My Treehouse! iBook as well as copies of the Zombie in My Treehouse! physical book.  Well, once the stretch goal is reached and the creation of the sequel is unlocked, those rewards magically include copies of the sequel as well.  So if your reward level included the first iBook, you'll get the second iBook, also free.  If your reward level included the first book, you'll get the second book as well.  You won't have to change a thing; we'll flick the switch for you.  (Bear in mind that the fulfillment date for the entirety of those rewards will need to be extended to July 2013 for Conquest of the Snowmen because, well, we do have to create the book first, as we've said.)

An interesting note about Celebrity Readers.

As the funding increases, so do the readers of There's a Zombie in My Treehouse! until we reach the stretch goal.  The higher we go, the more readers get unlocked.  Here are the levels you can help us reach:

UNLOCKED: $4000 - Alex Day!
UNLOCKED: $5000 - Joel Hodgson! (MST3K & Cinematic Titanic)
UNLOCKED: $6000 - Phil Plait! (The Bad Astronomer)
UNLOCKED: $6500 - Caissie St. Onge! (scribe of TV comedy & author of Jane Jones: Worst. Vampire. Ever.)
$7000 - Tom Kenny! (SpongeBob SquarePants)
NEW! $7500 - Mark & Emily Volman! (Mark of The Turtles and The Mothers of Invention)
$8000 - Kevin Murphy! (MST3K & Rifftrax)
NEW! $8500 - Peter Serafinowicz! (The Peter Serafinowicz Show and Shaun of the Dead)
$9000 - Billy West! (Futurama)
$9500 - Tom Scharpling!
NEW! $9750 - Michael J. Nelson! (MST3K & Rifftrax)
$10000 - Paul Dini & Misty Lee!
$12000 - James Urbaniak! (Venture Bros., American Splendor) 
$14000 - J. Elvis Weinstein! (MST3K & Cinematic Titanic)
$16000 - Trace Beaulieu! (MST3K & Cinematic Titanic)
$18000 - Molly Lewis!
$20000 - Bill Corbett! (MST3K & Rifftrax)
$22000 - Frank Conniff! (MST3K & Cinematic Titanic)
$24000 - Doc Hammer & Jackson Publick! (Venture Bros.)
$26000 - Charlie McDonnell!
$32000 - Jonathan Coulton!
$40000 - John Hodgman (The Areas of My Expertise & The Judge John Hodgman podcast.)
$42000 - Conquest of the Snowmen iBook & Book + Neil Gaiman reading Conquest!

What the funding is paying for.

In the case of the Zombie in My Treehouse! iBook and our initial goal, it's paying for the creation of the iBook itself as well as the cost of the resulting reward levels, fees, postage for shipping, digital distribution costs, taxes and so forth.  

In the case of the stretch goal and Conquest of the Snowmen, funding will be going to the creation of the sequel as well as its production as a physical book.  The sequel will employ color in the interior pages and we have a printer on board to get an excellent Kickstarter-exclusive version of the book printed. All this in addition to the other costs as mentioned above.

So, ideally, at the end of all this, once the stretch goal has been reached, we will have two iBooks (complete with audio versions from celebrity readers, including the fabulous Neil Gaiman) and a brand new, real-world, limited edition Kickstarter-exclusive physical book.  We've got 30 days to reach our initial goal.  If we make it, things happen.  If for some reason we don't make it, you will not be charged.  Our project has to be successful for any funding to occur...so any and all help is appreciated.

So thank you.

Thank you in advance for supporting our project.  We are excited to have the chance to update one book and create another, because these are the sort of books we wanted to read as kids (and still do).  We look forward to making all of this happen, and all three of us--John, Ken and Len--thank you for giving us that chance.

Go now! Pledge money! 

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