Saturday, April 16, 2011

Twitter: Ken's Hollywood Post It Notes

Have you started to follow Ken on Twitter? You should! He crams more comedy into 140 characters than you could imagine... unless you are really funny, too.

Here are some recent tweets from
They all feature 'Hollywood Post It Notes':

"Salinger + Rap = CATCHER IN THE RHYME" #HollywoodPostItNote

"It's like WATERWORLD, but on land. Find equivalent of boats on land." #HollywoodPostItNote

"BABY DADDY - The BABY is the DADDY. Time travel?" #HollywoodPostItNote

"Never Say Never Say Never Again. Call Connery in Bahamas." #HollywoodPostItNote

"Mother Theresa, Robot Fighter." #HollywoodPostItNote

"Get me Elizabeth Taylor. Dead or alive?" #HollywoodPostItNote

"THE ROAD - Franchise? Other roads? Buy map." #HollywoodPostItNote

"What if Sophie had TWO choices?" #HollywoodPostItNote

"NEEDS POWERFUL BLACK ACTOR. Get Jack Black." #HollywoodPostItNote

"Don't care what it takes, GET TRAVOLTA IN THOSE JEGGINGS." #HollywoodPostItNote

"Zombie Zombies!" #HollywoodPostItNote

"Santa Claus loses Christmas in Vegas. Buscemi as Claus?" #HollywoodPostItNote

"Sexy Nuns ON THE MOON, but IN SPACE." #HollywoodPostItNote

"Make duck talk. Check Gilbert's availability. Send basket." #HollywoodPostItNote

"Shakespeare, BUT ETHNIC." #HollywoodPostItNote

"Russell Brand - Mr. Limpet?" #HollywoodPostItNote


"It's a car that TURNS INTO Helen Mirren." #HollywoodPostItNote

"Can the production just BUY a kid?" #HollywoodPostItNote

"The dog *is* the president!" #HollywoodPostItNote

"Church group angered by idea of gay Jesus. Make him bi-curious & less blonde. Call Whoopi." #HollywoodPostItNote

"Can the Joads be a family of STUNTMEN?" #HollywoodPostItNote

"The Godfather Part III - ON A RUNAWAY TRAIN." #HollywoodPostItNote

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