Friday, April 15, 2011

Johnny Carson's desk

Over the 5 years of Ken PD Snydecasts Ken and Dana have mentioned Johnny Carson's Tonight Show a few times.

It's really no wonder. With all the hours that they have spoken its inevitable that Johnny's name would come up. Johnny made a huge impact on pop culture during the years that he hosted the late night program.

Lately Plumey has tweeted a few times about watching Carson and Doc Severinsen's clothes.

Recently I stumbled across a news article that talked about the auction of one of Johnny's desks back in 2005.

The desk eventually sold for $38,000.

This was not Johnny's only desk. He had quite a few:

The desk that went up for auction was a pretty simple one:

The unique features of the desk were not seen on TV:

The desk is completely empty in the back. No drawers except one:

This neat hidden drawer slid out to be used as an ashtray for Johnny's cigarettes.

The underside of the desk was covered in a sweeeeet orange shag rug. Seriously... under his desk it looked like a 70s lounge.

Also there is a burn mark under the desk from a moment in the show's history when Johnny accidentally set fire to his notes. It's not on YouTube, sadly.

But this is:

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