Friday, April 8, 2011

Twitter: Arthur & Arthur 2

Over on Twitter Ken put up the following tweet:

The link went to this picture:

We will deal with the sticker, but first here is a look at the 1981 film Arthur:

It's a fun film from a time when alcoholism was just a hoot!

Here is one of the more memorable moments from the film:

Arthur was a big hit. Inevitably a sequel followed:

They even made a cartoon version for the kids:

Or maybe that's a different Arthur... but man he can rap.

Now, about that sticker:

Yep, the remake starring Russell Brand. If you haven't seen the trailer yet take a look:

What was Widget's response to the sticker?


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John J. said...

Also worth noting... Plume's BFF, John Hodgman appears in the film.

Guy Hutchinson said...

I didn't know that. So the Arthur remake has the Batmobile & Hodgman. I may have to see this!