Thursday, April 28, 2011

Twitter: Bob Uecker and the hidden ball trick

Here is a (relatively) recent Plumey tweet:

There are many variations of the hidden ball trick. The basic idea is to conceal the ball and fool the opposing team (hopefully causing an out.)

Here is a look at a version of the trick:

Sadly, the episode Ken mentioned doesn't appear to be on the net. But, here are some other clips of Uecker on Johnny Carson's Tonight Show:

Finally here is a great clip of Uecker interviewing Andre the Giant:

Wow... why wasn't there ever a buddy cop movie starring Andre and Uecker?

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JPG said...

There's some good Uecker on David Letterman clips out there as well. There's also a clip floating around of Uecker during a broadcast talking about sharing a hotel with a furry convention. Long live Ueck!