Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Still Waiting...

A promise from Ken... this is promising.

Found this on YouTube:

Here is the description:
This is a remix of a samples taken from from the KEN PD SNYDECAST, a podcast made by Ken Plume and Dana Snyder. Around episode #50 or so, Snyde and Plume started talking about having a "Sigh"ing song because of the lovely sound of the Plume-sighs. I took thousands of samples of Plumous sighing - Also sounds like Ken clearing his throat, saying Mi-mi-mi, and other groans.and a lot of wacky sounds of Dana and made them into a pseudo-speedcore gabber song. It is many sighs, MANY SIGHS.

If you like my music you can go to or to

So, we wait. Hey, at least you aren't this guy:

Unless you are THAT guy... yeah, he could be a listener!

Sorry, buddy!

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