Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Elvis meets Plumey

Dana recently tweeted this picture that was sent to him from a Kansas listener (in other words a Snydecast listener who lives in Kansas... not someone who listens to the band Kansas:
You know, I have no way of knowing if he listens to the band Kansas or not. I retract my previous statement.

Let's take another look at that photo:

So THAT is what photo-shopped pictures should looks like!

Not like this:

Like this:

Of course, my photo-shopped pictures are an homage to this:


Aaron said...

Woo! My life is now complete. I hope all 12 people who see this appreciate the valuable company time I wasted, er… devoted creating it. ;)

Aaron said...

So did Dana actually get the "must-have" Spanish Flower cape? Because pretty much every picture I've seen of him performing in the Elvis suit shows him doing so completely capeless.

Mr. Black didn't un-fund said accouterment at the last minute or anything, did he?