Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Since we last left Ken and Dana...

Since the last Snydecast dropped back in late April much has happened to our favorite pod people...

Ken has released 50 episodes of his "A Bit of a Chat" podcast. Ken has also done 3 episodes of Whotininnies Check them out here and here.

Dana performed onstage in Arrow Rock Missouri in Run for Your Wife, The Sound of Music and Damn Yankees.

Dana also appeared at the Florida Supercon in Miami:

Ken appeared at Dragon-con sans Snydely...

...but Dana appeared at D23.

Dana also was a celebrity judge for the Mid-Missouri's Got Talent competition.

Both Ken and Dana celebrated birthdays since April.

Here on the Snydecast Experience we explored Dana's past as a male model, reported Snydely sightings at Musso & Franks, tried to uncover an amazing joke Ken once told, found people that WEREN'T Dana Snyder and dealt with our feelings of sadness.

Plus, we made a video of Dana eating a sandwich.

It was good times, and we made it through this dry spell... I think... the new episode hasn't been released yet.

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