Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Snydecast wiki page

As an experiment I decided to make a new Snydecast wiki page. I made it as short as possible. Filled it only with facts and I am now waiting to see if it bites the dust like the last one did.

I tried to do the same for Ken Plume, but a roadblock is in place if you are trying to re-create a deleted entry. Luckily the previous Snydecast page was not under the name "The Ken P. D. Snydecast" or the same would have happened.

Unable to make one for Ken Plume I made on for "Ken plume". Capitalization means everything.

Let's keep an eye on these and see what happens. It will give us something to do as we wait for the next episode of the Snydecast...

UPDATE (like 10 seconds later): The "Ken plume" page is gone and the Snydecast page is recommended for "speedy deletion".

There goes 2 minutes of work down the drain.

I'd be annoyed, but the phrase "speedy deletion" made me think of the "Speedy Delivery" man from Mister Rogers. He always makes me happy!

I am contesting the proposed speedy deletion by mentioning that Dana is significant and therefore the Snydecast MUST be.

I didn't mention Plumey because clearly Wikipedia hates him.

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