Friday, November 18, 2011

KEN P.D. SNYDECAST #173: Breakfast Nachos

It has ARRIVED! It's a delightful conversation that starts out with all the aggravated banter we would expect from a Snydecast that has been pent up for over half a year.

The boys talk about Dana's latest sojourns on stage. They also speak about stealing pizza, hometown buffet, airfare, 15 lbs of bratwurst and Kearney, NJ.
It's everything you were waiting for!
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Sithus said...


Aaron Fever said...

I'm happy it's back but more so for you. You finally have something to work with for a while and you don't have to keep spinning gold out of straw!

It's a blog about nothing said...

Yay! Party.

Guy Hutchinson said...

Thanks Aaron, but I was actually making straw out of thin air. It's just as hard, but the end result is slightly less impressive.

Sooo how many months until #174?

The C Word said...

Yesssss! I got mentioned on the motherfuckin' Snydecast! IN YOUR FACE! I figured he wouldn't remember my name, though, or exactly which show I saw him in first, which was The Sound Of Music. I did skip over Damn Yankees, which I wish I would have gone to now.