Thursday, November 10, 2011

Video: Fred

On KEN P.D. SNYDECAST #92: Fred Fu Ken brings up a "YouTube sensation":

Ken: Have you ever heard of this, supposedly a YouTube sensation for years, I never heard of it.
Dana: Yeah, that’s what YouTube sensation means. YouTube sensation means sh*t nobody ever heard of.

He then instructs Dana to watch the following video:

Dana: What the f*ck is going on here? This kid’s gay, I’ll tell you that.
Ken: Now, you don’t know if he’s gay or not… you were in theater.
Dana: Yes, that’s rude. I shouldn’t say that.

Dana then suggests we all go see Fred at the Hot Topic for an event that happened PRIOR to the record of that Snydecast.

Dana: You can’t watch this and tell me that you don’t think he’s probably…
Ken: I am not going to make judgments because I’ve seen plenty-
Dana: No, because you never make judgments! Your JOB is to make judgments, you idiot!

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