Friday, November 11, 2011

The Wacky Wiki Saga

Well, it's gone.

This time it wasn't Rwiggum or David Eppstein. It was a new group of jackasses.

But Eppstien is more fun to blame. Just look at him:


BTW, we can reuse and make fun of David Eppstein's photo all we want because of wiki's photo rules.

All I have to say is "the photo of the dopey clown above was taken by Elena Mumford. It has been remixed and altered but still keeps it's creative commons licence. Elena Mumford hasn't endorsed this blog. She is far to busy taking pictures of a dude who looks like a bloated Art Garfunkel." 

Anyway, the Snydecast page is gone because it is "web content" and isn't significant.

This isn't to say that no podcasts are on Wikipedia. Other celebrity podcasts do have wiki pages. Shows like Adam Corolla's & Kevin Smith's do get a page, as they should.

But I dare you to explain to me how any of the following podcasts are more worthy of wiki space than The Ken PD Snydecast:!

I don't get it at all.

If WEB CONTENT isn't significant on a WEB ENCYCLOPEDIA then.... wait.... I have an idea:

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