Friday, January 14, 2011


How well did you pay attention to KEN P.D. SNYDECAST #166: What’s New Wit You? Test your knowledge with this challenging quiz:

1. What was the "audience warm up" for the episode of Saturday Night Live that Ken attended?
a) Daryl Hammond with jokes from the 1990s
b) Kel Mitchell with jokes about pot and hookers
c) Al Franken with a cozy blanket and a hug for all

2. When aboard the glass bottom boat what did Ken and Dana take?
a) Dramamine
b) Goofballs
c) Pepto Bismol

3. Who conducted the Boston Pops the night that Dana attended?
a) Keith Lockhart
b) Arturo Toscanini
c) That guy that shooks hands with Mickey in Fantasia

4. What did Ken drink on New Years Eve?
a) cold whiskey
b) root beer
c) the blood of a virgin vampiress

5. Dana said the one unfortunate thing about the Key West crab on this trip was that it was not _______.
a) in season
b) in his mouth
c) going away despite frequent ointment applications

6. What celebrity did Dana see in line at breakfast?
a) either Keenan or Kel
b) either Mr. Fuji or Mr. Saito
c) either Laurel or Hardy

7. What Broadway show does Dana want to see when he goes to NYC?
a) Spider-man
b) Addams Family
c) Tipsy the Tap-dancing old broad on the old Broadway

8. What President did Dana claim to have received a peanut tortilla from?
a) Jimmy Carter
b) Franklin Peirce
c) Sy Sperling

Answer key:
1 a, 2 a, 3 a, 4 b, 5 a, 6 a, 7 a, 8 a


Anonymous said...

Got a 100%. I wonder if Keanan and/or Kel listen to the show. They MUST since everybody else (including former president Jimmy Carter) does.

Guy Hutchinson said...

Not sure about Keenan or Kel, but I think Jimmy Carter may be the man that bought Dana the Elvis suit.