Friday, January 28, 2011

Dana onstage TOMORROW in NYC

There was a post up on here a few days ago reporting an appearance by Dana at the Pit in NYC next week.

Well, no need to wait so long! Dana will be onstage tomorrow: Saturday, January 29th.

Dana will be performing a monologue for the group Big Black Car. One of the group's members is Ashley Ward. Ashley was a schoolmate of Mr. Snyder's and she is responsible for him getting the Aqua Teen Hunger Force gig.

This makes Ashley Ward one of the greatest human beings that ever lived! Seriously! Otherwise you would multitask to silence and not know who Tom Carvel is.

The show is The Baldwins & Big Black Car and it starts at 8pm.
The Peoples Improv Theater (The Pit) is located at 123 East 24th and is a great place to see comedy. Get your tickets NOW!

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