Monday, January 17, 2011

a closer look: Ken's doctor visit

On Ken P.D. Snydecast #167: Doc Holidays Ken talked about a trip to the doctor where his ears were raped by a loud woman on her cell phone.
Ken mentioned he had tweeted about this adventure on

Here are those tweets:

Early morning trip to the doctor. Thanks, person in waiting room, for sharing your cell phone call w/us. Loudly. Like our own Trigger Happy.

No, please, don't mind us, caller. We're thoroughly hooked on your drama now. How's your sister doing? Maw Maw still draining? Go on!

Call over? Waiting for another? Why not start singing? There you go!

Ah! Pop Idol's over. Another phone call. Why is Ricky such a deadbeat all the time? Why can't that boy just learn to work? TELL ME WHY!

You know, why not start reading an article from that magazine, over the phone. Your dad sure could use that cream - if only for his mouth!

Should we be taking notes on this grocery list of yours? Are we going to quizzed on your calls later? I don't want to screw up my GPGPA...

No, we're not looking at you, caller. Why would we be looking at you? But please, before you hang up, tell your sister we love her.

Oh, call's over? Awww... But wait! Your double thigh slap exclamation of, "I have GOT to go to the bathroom!" keeps the awkward streak alive

It's like we're all accompanying you on your bathroom journey, Miss Overshare. Glad to hear you singing in there, too!

Yes, what a friend we have in Jesus - and YOU, Miss Overshare. Now flush! Wash those hands, Miss O. Smother the Devil in Dial. Hallelujah!

Finally, I'm getting called back. Thank Jebus!

Thanks for putting her in the next room - The journey continues!

Miss Overshare is arguing with the nurse about politics. Seems he's "One of them!" in her eyes. Run, Mr. Nurse! She's not worth it!

Behind this wall lurks Miss Overshare...

Miss Overshare is arguing with the doctor. Now I know that the medicine he prescribed has given her "The hots".

"Three years and I'm all shakes and you've sent your kids to college on 'em!" Miss Overshare is not happy. What will the Doc do?

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pastor maker said...

Hey, Ken and Dana. Since December I've been listening to your podcasts while using my stationary bike. I'm up to podcast 40, and am enjoyng them very much. This is my first visit to the blog, and I can't find an email address at which you contact you. Am I just stupid, or isn't there one?

Keep up the great work. I've already lost 8 pounds thanks to you guys.

Guy Hutchinson said...

It has to be the greatest podcast to excercise to. I should know, I am a doctor.

You can email them at either of these addresses: