Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Ken P. D. Snydecast #165 - Not a Creature Was Stirring TRIVIA QUIZ

How well did you pay attention to Ken P. D. Snydecast #165 - Not a Creature Was Stirring?

Try your hand at some of this challenging trivia:

1. Dana tells a story of meeting a couple at Comic-con one year that dressed their baby as ________.
a) Master Shake
b) Meatwad
c) Plumey

2. Dana's old Korean neighbor parked what kind of vehicle in front of Dana's house?
a) a Lincoln Navigator
b) a 1971 Ford Galaxie 500
c) an old timey bicycle with one giant wheel

3. Where did Ken say he first saw Duck Tales: The Movie?
a) At his Uncle's house
b) Standing in a TV store at the local mall
c) A movie theater

4. What part of his kitchen did Dana recently replace?
a) his counter tops
b) his oven
c) Frankie, the guy that washed Dana's dishes

5. What was Dana planning on cooking after the show ended?
a) French onion soup
b) German onion soup
c) Frankie, the guy that washed Dana's dishes

6. How many days late was Ken in responding to Trish's email?
a) 2 days
b) 8 days
c) 6 days

7. True or false: Ken has never had a garbanzo bean.

8. Dana says that two of the least humble people he knows are ______ and ______.
a) Dave Willis and Ken Plume
b) Laurel and Hardy
c) His old Korean neighbor and Rip Torn

9. What does Ken want to dip into Dana's French onion soup?
a) Garlic bread
b) a hot dog on a stick
c) his toes

10. What did Ken help Dana pick up from Sears?
a) a toolbox
b) a mixer
c) a really big pair of trousers

Answer key: 1 b, 2 a, 3 c, 4 a, 5 a, 6 b, 7 true, 8 a, 9 a, 10 a.

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