Monday, January 3, 2011

a closer look: Hot Dog on a Stick

Ken P. D. Snydecast #165 - Not a Creature Was Stirring features the following exchange.

Ken: We went to the mall.
Dana: Why did we go there?
Ken: For Hot Dog on a Stick. And then you wanted to stop by Sears...
Dana: ... where you fell in love with the hot dog girl!
Ken: She was cute!
Dana: Listen. no arguments from me.
Ken: And she was flirting with me.
Dana: Uh-
Ken: Shut up!
Dana: She was very cute.
Ken: She was.
Dana: The girls there are very cute. They're sweet, cute, little California girls... but she was a child. She was probably 18 years old.
Ken: Legal.
Dana: Ugh. Creepy uncle Ken's back, everybody!

Perhaps you never get to 'let your creep flag fly' at your local mall but at malls in 14 states the Hot Dog on a Stick can be found. There are also some 'stand alone' locations such as the original location in Santa Monica, California.

The menu is very simple... hot dog on a stick (a.k.a. a corn dog), cheese on a stick and lemonade.

Ken P. D. Snydecast #165 - Not a Creature Was Stirring is not the first time the Hot Dog on a Stick girl has been mentioned by Ken and Dana.

She must have been breathtaking.

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