Monday, September 10, 2012

What Plumey Didn't read...

On the latest Snydecast Ken read the following letter:
Advice = TAKEN.
That's right, gentlemen. The beard is no more. Even though you warned us all in advance to basically do the exact opposite of anything you may have suggested, I went ahead and did it anyway (well, all except for the Paul Sr. handlebars thing.) I have now returned to my tried and true goatee-or-van-dyke-or-whatever-the-hell-it's-called look.
I have also once again attached photographic evidence for your consideration:

Thanks again, boys. And keep them 'Casts a-comin'.
Aaron Cooper
Now, there was a paragraph that Ken omitted... possibly due to time constraints... or possibly because it was disturbing.
Not only is the look much more professional, clean-cut, and easier to maintain, it also drastically reduces the amount of man hours necessary when creating digital art masterpieces such as this:

Yeah. I censored it. You are better off.
It involved a lady, a beard and a nightmare I once had about going 'all the way' with Willie Nelson's sister.
Thanks Aaron for sending me the email and thanks to Ken for saving us all hundreds of hours of therapy... except me.


Aaron said...

Just be glad I left out the water tentacles.

Im That Jon said...

He didn't read mine either! I think Plumey is censoring... He's probably getting like 50 a week.