Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Stuff Dana and Ken saw on eBay in #83: We Are Mighty

Ken PD Snydecast #83: We Are Mighty features Dana and Ken trolling eBay and marveling at the boundless curiousities.

Dana laments that eBay has killed "the thrill of the hunt" and demonstrates that everything can be found there by asking Ken to name a celebrity. Ken names Jim Henson and Dana finds the autograph on eBay.

Occasionally during the talk Dana or Ken mention other things they are finding on eBay.

Here are some of those things:

 A Grizzly Adams trash bin.

A McDonalds cup made of "weird white 70s glass".

A modified Groucho Marx ventriloquist dummy.

Willie Tyler's Lester dummy.

A photo of Willie Tyler and Lester on The Jeffersons.

The New Graphs Inc. autograph of Dana Snyder.

The 1975 Sears catalog.

This is the one with the infamous "boo boo" that Ken mentions. Can you spot it?

For more info on what was hangin' out of the dude's boxers, click here.
To listen to Ken PD Snydecast #83: We Are Mighty click here.

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