Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ken Plume's worst pickup lines

Have you started to follow Ken on Twitter? You should! He crams more comedy into 140 characters than you could imagine... unless you are really funny, too.

Here are some recent tweets from twitter.com/KENPLUME.
They all feature bad pickup lines, and it's capped off with a reference to tv icon Don Herbert:

Your place or my Mazda? #worstpickuplines

If I said you were beautiful, would you believe me? #worstpickuplines

I have come here to chew bubblegum and have sex, and I'm all out of bubblegum. Do you have any bubblegum? #worstpickuplines

Ow. My back. #worstpickuplines

Can you cash a check? #worstpickuplines

My friend was the original Tom Servo. #worstpickuplines (Now I know where I've been going wrong)

Know how I know we'll be spending the night together? I've got a receipt... #worstpickuplines

Yeah, I know CPR... #worstpickuplines

Hey! I've slept with your mother! Small world... #worstpickuplines

Here's my Second Life name... Look me up... #worstpickuplines

You going my way? 'Cause I could use a ride... Down there. And home. It's just across town. #worstpickuplines

Do you know what it's called when I rub this up against your sweater? #MrWizardPickupLines

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FOOTNOTE: Don Herbert was a tv personality who was known by the nickname Mr. Wizard. He hosted two science shows aimed at children. One ran in the 1950s-60s the other in the 1980s.
Here are a couple clips:

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