Thursday, February 3, 2011


On KEN P.D. SNYDECAST #169: Birthday-in-a-Biskit the boys talk about crackers. A lot.

Really! The only way a podcast could have the word "cracker" in it more is if it was hosted by The Black Panthers.

Inspired, I decided to head over to Wal-mart to see some of the crackers on the market.

Wanna know where they put Chicken in a Biskit? Bottom row all the way to the left.
Not exactly prime shelf space.

But who cares, it's 'family size' -assuming the whole family likes crackers that taste like a Lipton soup packet.

I like how on the back they have Chicken in a Biskit, a gallon of milk, grapes, an apple and cheese in a can. Chicken in a Biskit is part of this crappy snack.

"Create some fun at snack time" indeed. I like that they used the cheese to paint the same symbols Popeye says when he gets mad.

Better Cheddars and Sociables live side by side like some kind of cracker odd couple. Seriously, doesn't Better Cheddars just remind you of Klugman?

Here is a cracker fave that Ken and Dana missed: Goldfish. They also missed the knock off 'whale' crackers.

Here the venerable saltines sit a row above some kind of Keebler in a can.

Dana mentioned water crackers. They are pretty freakin' awesome.

Here is a crackers & cheese combo featuring Ritz and Mister Salty, which is the pretzel equivalent of Chicken in a Biskit.

Check out that little piece of red plastic that you are supposed to use as a knife. You can't write cartoon curses with that.

Here some lazy person abandoned some Ramen and a box of Oops All Berries in the cracker aisle. Turn your head sideways and look at Cap'n Crunch. Even he seems embarrased at the crap they put his face on.

This inspired me to relocate the Chicken in a Biskit:

I stuck it next to the Chick'n Biscuits dog treats. I doubt your dog could tell the difference.

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