Saturday, February 19, 2011

Dana and The Producers in the news

TCPALM.COM has a wonderful write up on Dana's upcoming show. The article, written by Marilyn Bauer, can be found here.

Below are some quotes and a photo, from TCPALM.COM.

"It's got everything," said Dana Snyder, who plays the leading role of Max Bialystock, one of the producers of the title. "It's so Mel Brooks in the best way possible. Every number is a production number. It is gag after gag set within a somewhat plausible story."

"I have played Max before and according to my mother I was great," Snyder said. "It is super fun and many of the people in our cast have been in the national tour or in the movie. There is probably 40 years of doing 'The Producers' with this cast."

For tickets:
Local: (772) 231-6990
Toll Free: 1-800-445-6745

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