Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ken Plume: Twitter Tycoon

If you follow Ken on Twitter you will get funny updates on an almost minute by minute basis.

Here are some recent tweets from

I know this may sound trite - #PetPeeves often are - but it's been almost 50 years, people: Spider-Man has a f**king hyphen.

Okay, I took a latex glove from the box. I just know the doctor will truly appreciate my Howie Mandel tribute act... HERE GOES!

The doctor DOES NOT appreciate the latex bubble humor of Howie Mandel. Moving on to stool-based Gallagher...

Messy, messy Gallagher fail! Going to try Carrot Top prop comedy w/this stethoscope & bedpan. If this doesn't work, the doc must be a robot!


She's asking what I'm typing. All of you - KEEP QUIET.

When I die, I'm leaving everything to the first person to claim it, providing this inspires an It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World style chase.

How many bananas can you eat before risking potassium poisoning? I'm asking for a friend.

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