Monday, February 25, 2013

Who won the 2013 Oscar Bet, Ken or Dana?

On KEN P.D. SNYDECAST #198: The Golden Fool Dana and Ken made an Oscar bet.

How did they do? Did you do better?

Take a look:

Best Picture = Argo
Ken got this one right, Dana chose Zero Dark Thirty.
KEN 1 - DANA 0

Best Director = Ang Lee
Dana got this one right, Ken chose Spielberg.
KEN 1 - DANA 1

Best Actor = Daniel Day Lewis
Both Dana and Ken agreed and were correct. Very close so far!
KEN 2 - DANA 2

Best Actress = Jennifer Lawrence
Ken takes the lead as, once again, Dana backs Zero Dark Thirty.
KEN 3 - DANA 2

Best Supporting Actor =  Christop Waltz
Ken increases his lead as Dana picked Alan Arkin.
KEN 4 - DANA 2

Best Supporting Actress =  Anne Hathaway
Both got what they picked as Anne Hathaway won. "Did Dana find the speech as self important as at the SAG awards?" is the real question.
KEN 5 - DANA 3

Best Original Screenplay =  Django Unchained
Another correct choice for Ken as Dana picked Moonrise Kingdom.
KEN 6 - DANA 3

Best Adapted Screenplay =  Argo
Dana scores a point with Argo, Ken had chosen Lincoln.
KEN 6 - DANA 4

Best Animated Feature =  Brave
The boys are both wrong as they chose Wreck It Ralph.
KEN 6 - DANA 4

Best Foreign Film = Armour
Wrong again because they chose a film from Noway because it "has Tiki in the title.".
KEN 6 - DANA 4

Best Documentary Feature =  Searching for Sugar Man
Ken and Dana were both right on this one.
KEN 7 - DANA 5

Best Documentary Short =  Inocente
They both chose wrong, Ken picking Open Heart, Dana with Mondays at Racine,
KEN 7 - DANA 5

Best Live Action Short =  Curfew
They both chose wrong, choosing Buzkashi Boys,
KEN 7 - DANA 5

Best Animated Short = Paperman
Ken picked this right, Dana picked Fresh Guacamole.
KEN 8 - DANA 5

Best  Original Score = Life of Pi
They both picked Skyfall.
KEN 8 - DANA 5

Best  Original Song = Skyfall
They both picked Skyfall again.
KEN 9 - DANA 6

Best  Sound Editing = Skyfall & Zero Dark Thirty
Ken again picked Skyfall, Dana went back to Zero Dark Thirty. Amazingly this was a tie and they were both right!
KEN 10 - DANA 7

Best Sound Mixing = Les Miserables
Ken AGAIN picked Skyfall, but Dana chooses Les Mis and is back in this!
KEN 10 - DANA 8

Best Production Design = Lincoln
Ken goes for Les Mis, but Dana chooses Lincoln and we have a close race!
KEN 10 - DANA 9

Best Cinematography = Anna Karenina
Ken chooses Lincoln, Dana chooses Skyfall and nothing changes.
KEN 10 - DANA 9

Best Makeup and Hairstyling = Les Miserables
Ken chooses right, Dana hoped for Hobbit.
KEN 11 - DANA 9

Best Costume Design = Anna Karenina
Remember when Dana chose Snow White and The Huntsman for some wacky category? That was this. Ken chose Les Miserables.
KEN 11 - DANA 9

Best Film Editing = Argo
Ken adds to his (now insurmountable) lead and Dana goes back to Zero Dark Thirty.
KEN 12 - DANA 9

Best Visual Effects = Life of Pi
Ken goes with Avengers and Dana with Snow White and the Huntsman, but it doesn't even matter at this point.

KEN 12 - DANA 9

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