Friday, February 22, 2013

The Deagostini Disney models

On KEN P.D. SNYDECAST #198: The Golden Fool Dana talks all about the Disney Parade Model set from Deagostini.
The models come in 100 small pieces that add up to an impressive model that is about 2 feet in diameter:
Each piece comes in a box (Dana described it as cereal box sized) with a magazine:

The website lists the prices as being "First issue special price (tax included), after No. 2 is 1,490 yen (including tax) ¥ 790."

Which I think is about $16.

So the set of 100 is $1600 if you could get them here. But you can't. Contact directly to Mr. Bookstore:
Materials used are:

(Used for pedestal) Polystone synthetic resin, ABS, such as PVC, wood, the material of the diorama parts, fiberglass, etc. (used for fireworks).
Find out more here:


juneaubiscuits said...

Did Dana ever end up getting the DeAgostini Disney Parade?

Snydley said...

No I didn't!

But we read a listener email about it on the next snydecast!

juneaubiscuits said...

Think that email was from me Dana!